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NOTICE: THE OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED ON Monday December 1 - Friday December 5, 2014

CanSkate Registration for Jan - March is now available. Click on Programs/Registration then Registration then CanSkate Registration. Please read the information package prior to registering.

Important Note: If you are already registered in the Oct - Dec term and want to add the Jan - Mar term, please see me at the office or you will be charged again for the Ice Show fee and the Skate Saskatoon fee.


  • <p>CLASS 2 DANCE</p>
<p>Emile and Luke Kirchgesner (left side) BRONZE MEDAL</p>
<p>Brooke Thiele and Matthew Buck (right side) SILVER MEDAL</p>
<div>Rebecca Mozden and Jacob Waskowic (centre) GOLD MEDAL</div>


    Emile and Luke Kirchgesner (left side) BRONZE MEDAL

    Brooke Thiele and Matthew Buck (right side) SILVER MEDAL

    Rebecca Mozden and Jacob Waskowic (centre) GOLD MEDAL


  • <div>&#160;</div>
<div>CLASS 3 DANCE</div>
Tori Shmon and Alexander Hopkins (centre) GOLD MEDAL
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    Tori Shmon and Alexander Hopkins (centre) GOLD MEDAL


  • <p>&lt;p&gt;Synchronized Skaters 2014&lt;/p&gt;</p>

    <p>Synchronized Skaters 2014</p>

  • <p>&lt;p&gt;Slick Ice Champions&lt;/p&gt;</p>

    <p>Slick Ice Champions</p>

Welcome to SkateSaskatoon / Saskatoon Figure Skating Club.  

As a non-profit volunteer organization, our mission is to offer a broad selection of  affordable, effective skating programs designed to provide for the social, emotional and  physical benefit of all skaters.  

Since 1928, the SFSC has been providing quality learn-to-skate, recreational and competitive figure skating programs. Our learn-to-skate programs provide a solid foundation in skating fundamentals for ringette, hockey, speed skating, synchro, and recreational skaters.  

The Club has produced both national and international figure skaters. The SFSC has also hosted SFSA & Skate Canada events, clinics, seminars, competitions and carnivals,  designed to "encourage and promote" skating.

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